Inaction is a weapon of mass destruction.

Our Culture

Our Big Why

Our mission is to empower everyday heroes. That’s Our Big Why. That’s Why we exist.

Solving social and environmental problems is really hard. Still, many of us choose to do it anyway. We love to rescue animals, clean beaches, parks, rivers, oceans, and you-name-it, go plogging, do food drives and clothes swaps, visit the elderly, reforest, compost, and so much more…

Luckily for the world, there are more than 700 million everyday heroes just like us doing it globally, against all odds.

Despite our undying passion, we really, really, struggle. We pay for everything ourselves, battle to mobilize help and resources, mostly act in the dark, lead isolated and informal efforts, and lack adequate collaboration and accountability tools.

We looked everywhere for a platform that understood us and gave us the tools we needed so we could overcome all the obstacles we shared. We found nothing so we decided to build it.

Wemerang is your custom-built, one-stop-shop for everyday heroes, by everyday heroes so we can continue leaving the world better than we found it, minus the headaches.

Be a hero. It’s free.

Our Waymerang

Our Waymerang is the way we make sure we accomplish our mission.


Our Waymerang is molded by our core values and our mindset. It is our unique lens through which we choose to engage with the world. It guides our thoughts, decisions, actions, and reflections. Our Waymerang is what ultimately drives our culture and defines our identity. It is the spirit through which we come together as a community.


We strive to embody our Waymerang in everything we are, do, and stand for.

Our 10 Wemerang Core Values

We serve our Big Why

We dare to see things uniquely. Our Big Why guides everything we are and do. We are committed to serve a mission that is bigger than ourselves with resilient, perseverant, and inextinguishable passion. We face challenges humbly but with grit. We approach life with optimism, zest, and gratitude. We share a positive, proactive, and light-hearted attitude that chooses hope over fear, always.

Being before doing

We focus on the human being before the human doing. We treat people as a series of stories, emotions, and dreams, never as mere resources. We strive to express ourselves congruently by aligning what we think, with what we say and do so we can lead and inspire by example. We are an arena of genuine self-exploration where we can express our inner genius uniquely, completely, and freely.

Trust keeps us together

Trust drives everything we do. We want to feel included, close, and that we belong. We are there for one another wholeheartedly. We generate a nurturing environment where we can maintain positive and healthy relationships with ourselves and with everyone and everything that surrounds us.

We are the best version of ourselves

We want to be the best version of ourselves and bring out the best in one another. We care personally while challenging directly. We enable each other to find, build, and use the tools we need to lead the change we care for. We generate safe spaces that inspire us to take risks, grow, and serve ourselves, one another, and the world striving to reach our maximum potential.

We live our well-being

We want to flourish. We strive to live well, feel well, and be well. We seek to experience a consistent state of wellbeing where we are happy, healthy, engaged with ourselves and what we do, have a strong understanding of our personal meaning, have fun, and feel accomplished for doing and being significant and great.

We are part of the solutions, not the problems

We choose to be part of the solutions, not the problems. We are conscious of our global interconnectedness and know that everything we choose to do and not do, has an impact. We aim to inspire people and organizations to become everyday heroes by giving them the proper visibility, recognition, and celebration.

We experiment, learn, and evolve

Empathy directs our quest for the new. We channel innovation from the inside out so that what we do always comes from who we serve, and who we serve always comes from who we are. We observe, engage, and reflect so we can discover the right questions to ask and co-design the best solutions, always iterating and forward-looking. We love to experiment, learn, and evolve.

We mobilize through meaningful experiences

We cherish teamwork and community. We seek to bring people together through meaningful experiences, and empower them to lead their own challenges and encourage others to collaborate. We focus on helping people and organizations engage and build communities around the causes that move them.

We act with iron will

We are committed to taking initiative. We step up, speak up, show up, and act – with courage. We are intrinsically motivated by the realization that there is always something we can do to help and improve. We pursue disciplined execution with measurable results. We choose to be responsible and to hold ourselves accountable to individually constructed, but collectively upheld, standards.

We leave the world better than we found it

We want to leave the world better than we found it. We lead the network of everyday heroes that will help solve the numerous social and environmental problems we are passionate about and build a more eco-systemic world that supports the wellbeing and continuity of all sentient beings in present and future generations.