Inaction is a weapon of mass destruction.

We believe in the power of everyday heroes and know that they are everywhere. They are inspiring and courageous warriors who step up, speak out and lead grassroots efforts to help solve social or environmental problems.

They are committed to causes that matter. They are eco-conscious trailblazers for social change. They are passionate about leaving the world better than they found it.

We also know they struggle to get the help and resources they need and are left to try and collaborate using platforms designed for other purposes. This forces them to lead isolated and disorganized efforts in the dark with little or no recognition.

How much more could they accomplish if they had a platform that gave them access to the tools they need so they could better solve the problems they care about, together?

That is why we exist

Wemerang was born to empower everyday heroes to mobilize by building a platform where they could get access to the tools they need, create or join challenges to help solve the problems they care about, build a community around their causes, and get recognized for it.

Today more than ever we need everyday heroes who represent the best versions of ourselves. Their efforts to meet the challenges we face strengthen our values as a society and serve as powerful examples of how we too can create positive change. And if we create and share enough stories of enough heroes, enough of us will also dare to become heroes.

We exist to lead the network of everyday heroes that will build a more equitable and sustainable world, together.