Community Hero

About Us

Our mission is to empower everyday heroes. That’s Our Big Why. That’s Why we exist.

Solving social and environmental problems is really hard. Still, many of us choose to do it by leading our own grassroots actions. We love to rescue animals, clean beaches, parks, rivers, oceans, and you-name-it, go plogging, do food drives and clothes swaps, visit the elderly, reforest, compost, and so much more…

Luckily for the world, there are +700 million everyday heroes just like us doing it globally, against all odds.

Despite our undying passion, we really, really, struggle. We pay for everything ourselves, battle to mobilize help and resources, mostly act in the dark, lead isolated and informal efforts, and lack adequate collaboration and accountability tools.

We looked everywhere for a platform that understood us and gave us the tools we needed so we could overcome all the obstacles we shared. We found nothing so we decided to build it.

Wemerang is a custom-built, one-stop-shop for everyday heroes, by everyday heroes so we can easily create and join our own challenges, find and mobilize a like-minded community to help, earn points, status and exclusive benefits, and make money from P2P donations, challenge entry fees, and a “mobilize-to-earn” crypto economy. Take a look at what we’re building!

Be a hero and help us to continue leaving the world better than we found it.



Why you personally?

Wemerang is the right place for you if, as a person, you:

  • Fervently believe in Our Big Why and are passionate about serving it
  • Align with our core values
  • Have a give-first mentality and a collective mindset
  • Are kind and enjoy going out of your way to help others
  • Are extremely passionate, positive and enthusiastic
  • You care about solving problems for the planet, people, and animals
  • Are highly self-motivated
  • Have well-developed Emotional Intelligence and self-awareness
  • Build, maintain, and foster positive relationships
  • Have extraordinary teamwork and collaboration skills
  • Have excellent interpersonal communication skills
  • Are strongly committed to your self-improvement and evolution
  • Are very flexible and adaptable


Why you professionally?

Wemerang is the right place for you if, as a professional, you:

  • Constantly over achieve
  • Are a creative and resourceful thinker who finds ways to solve any problem and overcome any obstacle
  • Are very proactive, take initiative and self-manage effectively
  • Are highly accountable and disciplined
  • Have skills and experience working with Agile methodologies
  • Have professional verbal and written English proficiency


Why wemerang?

You will love working with us if you want:

  • To be part of a mission-first, value-based, and culture-driven social enterprise
  • To help build wemerang from its very early days and significantly shape our strategy, culture, and future together
  • To help lead the global movement of everyday heroes that will leave the world better than we found it
  • A genuine focus on the human being before the human doing
  • A culture that enables and safeguards the multidimensional well-being of its people
  • A purpose-first, happy, fun, human, authentic, and invigorating working environment
  • To be part of an amazing Moai. The wemerangs are awesome!
  • To work in a startup environment with a challenging and ambitious vision that is malleable, will sometimes feels chaotic, has uncertainty and gives you the opportunity to build from scratch
  • To be in it for the long run and co-create your career plan and growth opportunities
  • Constant training, mentoring and learning
  • A flexible and remote-from-anywhere working structure
  • Unlimited Paid Time-off


Why not wemerang?

You will not love working with us if you:

  • Have a hard time trusting people
  • Have a hard time tolerating uncertainty and prefer having everything very well-defined, including your job and career
  • Avoid expressing yourself authentically in a professional environment
  • Are uncomfortable in a diverse and inclusive working environment where anyone can be who they are authentically and freely
  • Prefer working in a corporate environment (bureaucracy, processes, rules and BS)
  • Do not like going above and beyond the call of duty
  • Thrive by micromanaging or being micromanaged
  • Work 9-5 hours
  • Are in it for the short-term


Job Description:

As Community Hero you will help us build, grow, and maintain our digital and physical engagement strategy for all our internal and external strategic communities: everyday heroes, wemerangs, partners, and investors.

Why you are the right person for this position?

This is the right job for you if you:

  • Are a natural community builder
  • Love to rally and mobilize others
  • Believe in everyday heroes and are extremely passionate to serve and empower them
  • Preferably you have experience managing large communities
  • Preferably you have experience “building in public”
  • Are emotionally and socially smart: you love building new relationships and pride yourself in your ability to read and understand other humans’ needs
  • A generalist, not afraid to roll up your sleeves and get whatever is needed done
  • A strong English and Spanish language communicator
  • Enjoy public speaking, being in the spotlight, and all things PR related


What are your main tasks and responsibilities?

The following applies for all of our internal and external strategic communities (everyday heroes, wemerangs, partners, and investors), both physically and digitally:

  • Create and implement community engagement strategies
  • Spearhead our “Build-in-public” strategy
  • Encourage and enable all strategic community members to become brand ambassadors. This includes empowering them to actively speak about wemerang by giving them guidance and tools
  • Ensure our brand is community-based, community-owned, and community-driven
  • Create and manage all of our ongoing community curriculum, socials, events and mobilizations
  • Act as guardian and champion of our internal cultural rituals to ensure participation
  • Create and manage all community communication tools like discord, notion, newsletters etc.
  • Engage with community members face-to-face and build meaningful, personal relationships with them
  • Own community engagement metrics
  • Create and maintain community guidelines and codes of conduct to ensure healthy community behavior, acting as mediator when needed
  • Become the point of contact, heart and soul for all of our community members, especially everyday heroes
  • Lead all community events (set up and schedule meetings, ensure everything is consistent by double checking important connections details, introduce speakers, run break out rooms, help manage the chat, etc.)
  • Make sure community members, especially everyday heroes, feel recognized, celebrated, and empowered on a daily basis. This includes implementing unique gamification strategies and rewards
  • Make sure all community members, especially everyday heroes, feel warmly included, close, and that they belong on a daily basis. This means regularly fostering opportunities for heroes to meet other heroes, get their questions answered by others, etc.
  • Make all community members feel like the community is theirs by implementing strategic ownership methodologies
  • Design and launch new offerings and initiatives (events, talks, activities, challenges, workshops, mobilizations) based on your ideas and feedback from the community
  • Maintain close and agile collaboration with product and marketing teams


Additional information

Wemerang is an equal opportunity and inclusive organization. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, status as a qualified individual with disability, or any other protected characteristic under law.

What’s it like to be a wemerang?

Watch this video to get a behind-the-scenes feel for what it’s like working with us.👇
If this feels right, we’d love to hear from you.

We have received your application, thank you very much. We appreciate you, your time, and your interest in wanting to be a part of our movement. If we see we are a fit for you and you are a fit for us, you will hear from us within the next few days. Due to the large number of applications we receive, we will only be able to contact those we wish to continue the process with. Thank you again and best wishes from all the Wemerangs.